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Mpougiournti with feta Cheese

200 g slice Lavery Feta Cheese in one piece 100 g Kofinaki Lavery 2 tomatoes, in pieces 1 horseradish horseradish, in thin slices (with spores) minimal bowl 1 tsp. soup leaves of fresh oregano, finely chopped (in pots, in some supermarkets only) or 1/2

Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and goat cheese

In the following recipe, Lavery suggests using the goat's cheese for the best tasting results.   Incredients:   500 g Portobello mushrooms 4 spoon olive oil 1 dry onion, chopped 2 pieces of garlic 400 g fresh spinach 2-3 pips of salt and freshly ground pepper 100 g sun-dried

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