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FoodPanorama Expo 2019

FoodPanorama Expo 2019 took place in the National Exhibition of Nicosia, Cyprus, on 9-10/11. In cooperation with the Chamber of Pieria we realised one more international presentation in food & beverage world. Our products, which have already been available in Cyprus Market, made a great

2nd Katerini Street Food Festival

From the 3rd to the 5th of May 2018 Lavery was participated in the 2nd Katerini Street Food Festival. During the event, people had the chance to taste our products, combining them with special local wines! Katerini steet foodKaterini steet foodKaterini steet food


Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and goat cheese

In the following recipe, Lavery suggests using the goat's cheese for the best tasting results.   Incredients:   500 g Portobello mushrooms 4 spoon olive oil 1 dry onion, chopped 2 pieces of garlic 400 g fresh spinach 2-3 pips of salt and freshly ground pepper 100 g sun-dried

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